Pilot League Mandate Report (M1)

This post aims to summarize all the Pilot League activities carried out in these months of its mandate.

When @Teo introduced the idea of a Treasury Committee, the initial goal of this Pilot League was to facilitate community governance, improve the protocol, and start to incrementally build an organizational structure for the Idle community.

At the end of this mandate, we believe we have created the right path to grow the entire Idle ecosystem, carrying out activities that are bringing (and will bring more and more) value to the whole ecosystem, continuing this work with the next Leagues, the Dev and Treasury.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: We also think that positive metrics related to our work during this mandate are the TVL and Idle Holders: since the beginning of the Pilot League mandate, the TVL (USD) has risen by more than 77%, and the number of Idle Holders has risen by more than 27%.

These are the completed activities:

:white_check_mark: Roadmap setup
:white_check_mark: Grant - Idle Analytics Site
:white_check_mark: Grant - Idle Educational Content #1
:white_check_mark: Idle Gitcoin Grants 2021
:white_check_mark: $IDLE farming for the WETH Pool
:white_check_mark: LP Staking
:white_check_mark: B2B Affiliate Program
:white_check_mark: Aave V2 Implementation
:white_check_mark: Dev & Treasury Leagues Structure

We want to thank our community for its active involvement in these activities and for giving its trust in this mandate; we hope it has been within the scope of the community’s expectations :rocket:


Excellent summary, team, with some solid metrics to support a robust list of activities.

It’s great to see the solid foundations are being laid, setting up an excellent future for Idle and the community.

Really excited to see how the team and community execute on the roadmap and personally contribute as much as I can.