Pilot League (treasury committee) – Application (M1)

The Pilot League initiative (initial treasury committee) passed the Temperature Check and now we can move to the building of the Committee’s team members.

The initial idea was discussed in this post, and then has been formalized and voted by the community here.

We are excited to take this initiative forward and implement this initial component to facilitate community governance and start to incrementally build an organizational structure for the Idle community. We are keen to see applications from our community (and any DeFi builder or founder is definitely welcomed) and collaborate with project managers and supervisors.

Although this is an initial trial, we are aiming to foster contributors’ commitment. To properly reward this commitment and incentivize talent, we decided to adjust compensations compared to previous posts.

Pilot Specs

  • Mandate Budget: $20,000 in $IDLE tokens;
  • Mandate Duration: 2 months since the on-chain allocation of the budget;
  • Budget Management: 3-of-5 MultiSig wallet. One key for each Supervisor and one held by the Project Manager.

Open roles:

  • 1 Project Manager
  • 4 Supervisors

Project Manager (PM)


  • Analyze and propose grants/bounties and candidates to Supervisors or Governance, plan and publish reward distribution;
  • Participate in Forum discussions about topics related to Committee’s activities;
  • Post weekly reports regarding Committee’s activity and next steps in the Forum.

Required skills:

  • Knowledge of DeFi ecosystem (other teams/protocols connections are a plus);
  • Ability to work independently and to take initiative;
  • Very good communication skills;

Good to have:

  • Experience in hackathon or bounties/grants organization;
  • Understanding of smart contract development and architecture;

Compensation: base salary is $1000/month and a variable bonus up to $500 according to Supervisors’ feedback and committee achievements (both in $IDLE tokens)



  • Approve/refuse candidates proposed by the PM;
  • Provide feedback to the PM about planned initiatives;

Preferred areas of expertise:

  • DeFi development (Solidity, Vyper) and security procedures;
  • Financial modeling and analysis;
  • Community engagement and marketing;
  • Product management and UI/UX.

Compensation: we’d like to give symbolic compensation to Supervisors for this Pilot League; possible options at the moment include an $IDLE reward or a limited edition NFT.

How to apply

Reply below this post with the following information.

  • Role: Choose only one role to apply for;
  • Introduction: Briefly introduce yourself and your working experience. Applicants can stay anonymous, but a portfolio of past activities is necessary to evaluate the skills of the applicant;
  • Motivation: What makes you a good profile for this position?

Deadline: Applications will be open until 2021-02-05T12:00:00Z


Hi Matteo,

Gald to see this moving ahead,

I’d like to apply for the Supervisor

My background is in software engineering, I’ve been following the cryptocurrency world now for around 7 years. I’ve been a member of idle since V2, and love the project. I believe I have the technical skills for this position now, after working on the smart treasury, I have learned a lot about solidity, and DeFi development.

My motivation for applying is that I really like what idle is building, and if I can positively contribute, I’d like to do so.


We as Dialectic candidate ourselves as Supervisor.

Dialectic is a Swiss family office focused on crypto and alternative investments founded by Ryan Zurrer (https://twitter.com/rzurrer) and we possess considerable experience and a large breadth of contacts in the space.

We are seed investors in Idle Finance, among the largest LPs in Idle and we have been in close contact with the team since last year when Idle was only an MVP and not a real product.

We believe we can add value to Idle on two fronts, both of which are very important:

  1. We wrote the SoV-Dao white paper defining an elegant way to run a fully decentralized capital-allocation DAO, a structure that allow capital to be pooled and intelligently balanced across a range of Leagues. We are extremely proud to see this model implemented within Idle and we have many other ideas and considerations - most of them already experimented - that we would like to bring with the final goal of a continuous refinement and improvement of the Idle structure.
  1. We are an organized corporate structure not a single person, therefore more resources, ideas and execution will be generated. Secondly, we’ve great builders on board like Dean Eigenmann (https://twitter.com/DeanEigenmann) with an outstanding experience on the security & audit side who can be extremely helpful in evaluating or implementing a solution.

Hey All,

I’d like to apply for the Supervisor Position.

I used to work in banking, so I’ll bring a structured finance background to the role. Currently I’m on the investment team at gCC (led the seed round), so my finger is on the pulse of all things Idle and I have a good grasp on the DeFi space as a whole. The Idle Labs team and I regularly sync on the discussions in the governance forum, health of the protocol & community, and go-forward development plans, so I understand where we are and where we can go from here.

My motivation comes from believing in the future of Idle: as a community member, LP, $IDLE token holder, and investor, I’d like to continue supporting this community in the ways I can.


I’d like to apply on behalf of Idle Labs team for the role of Supervisor.

Idle Labs, Inc is the team that led the development of the protocol from the early days in July 2019 since the governance launch in November 2020.

The team (composed of myself, @William @samster91 @Davide @gravityblast) would contribute with its skillset in technology, product, and business development to provide useful support to the PM.

Our motivation as founding team is clear and comes naturally as this League structure is pursuing part of our vision. We would represent a group of people that is already focused on the improvement of the protocol, and we’d be keen to support the committee as Supervisor and collaborate with its members to make this League a successful pilot.


I’d like to apply for the role of Project Manager

My professional background is in Banking & Audit and I graduated last year from my studies “Applied Science in Banking and Finance”. The focus of my degree was dedicated to Crypto, more specifically to CBDCs & Stablecoins. (Feel free to check out my work here: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/344233205_Applications_of_CBDCs_and_private_stablecoins_Comparative_analysis )

I have around 3 years of working experience in Switzerland at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in the Banking department and 3 years of work experience at KPMG in Audit.

For more details feel free to check my LinkedIn Profile:


I am a highlander of the IDLE protocol :blush:

I’m motivated by the fact that I see great potential in IDLEs future and would love to be able to shape, build and grow the protocol.


Ciao Matteo,

I’d like to apply for the role of Supervisor.

I am currently working in a Private Equity fund an I have a solid track record in the financial industry. I’ve been working in London for a Hedge Fund managing 2€bn, in Morgan Stanley (one of the main global investment banks) and I’ve also been working as forex trader in a well know Italian bank.

My daily activities mainly focus on project/company valuation and financial modeling. I’m an Idle early investor, I’ve been active in the forum discussing a couple of proposal (trying to share my financial point of view), I know the business model and the main competitors.

I’ve studied finance at Bocconi University and I focused on derivative products. I have a deep knowledge of pricing and structuring of derivatives (when I was a forex trader I used to deal with different kind of options ranging from plain vanilla to exotic) and I do believe I could help in the proposol of new products to customers (in particular credit derivatives).

This is my LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/filippodallarosa/

I am totally convinced that the future for Idle is bright and I would like to contribute to this growth


I’d like to apply for the Project Manager position.

I studied Computer Engineering and I am involved in the crypto space since 2014: I worked as Operations Manager for the Blockchain Education Network (BEN), and I’ve had work experience as a Project Manager for various companies.

I have been a member of the Board of Directors, co-founder, and Vice President of the oldest and most active non-profit organization in Italy (BEN Italy, the Italian chapter of BEN), managing the growth of the community increasing enrollments (from 20 to 1500 members), organizing almost 120 events including monthly community meetups in many Italian cities, blockchain workshops (with over 200 participants) and coordinating institutional events and activities with the Italian government.

Moreover, last year I worked in the U.S. with the international organization (BEN): I had the opportunity to organize and manage activities that have increased members’ interaction, have grown the ecosystem, and have brought value within the community (also organizing some bounties/grants).

My motivation comes from the continuing passion in the crypto space and from the idea to support projects that can provide useful services to people involved in decentralized finance, and I think Idle reflects that. That’s why I’d like to work as a Project Manager, bringing my experience to grow Idle’s ecosystem and community.

Feel free to check my LinkedIn profile:


We are impressed by the accomplishments of the candidates and delighted to see such interest in the Committee!

The post has already collected 2 applications for the Project Manager and 5 candidates for the Supervisor role.

In order to collect more applications and let the Governance vote on a wider range of candidates, we would like to extend the applications’ window up to Friday 5th February 12PM UTC (final deadline).

We encourage the Idle community to share this initiative among their networks and ensure that we reach the best talents in this space!


Love to see so much talent around idle… Why not have 2 pm and 5 supervisors?!
With such an ambitious roadmap, it makes sense to grow the committee.


Hi All,

I’d like to apply for the role of Supervisor. I’ve been lurking around the forums here and this will be my first time introducing myself, nice to e-meet you all!

I am a co-founder of an online bookkeeping firm called Rooks, which provides bookkeeping and CFO level services to small businesses in Canada. Recently, we’ve started expanding our services to include crypto-accounting worldwide (you won’t find this on our website yet as it’s quite recent) and we’ve taken on a couple of clients who needs VC crypto bookkeeping done. We’re in the midst of formalizing a partnership with Cryptio, a crypto-accounting software that integrates with popular cloud accounting softwares Quickbooks and Xero.

For me personally, I graduated with a degree in accounting & finance. I’ve worked in startups all my life so I’m a bit of an all-rounder with experience in not just finance, but product and marketing as well. My first job at a CPA firm was a start-up that grew from $0 to $2 million in annual revenues within 2 years before getting acquired by Deloitte, a big 4 accounting firm. I then took my experience over to the crypto space in mid 2018 as a product & operations manager of a crypto startup, where we created one of the largest database of labelled, notable ETH wallet addresses. I made some close connections and friends during my time at the startup, a bunch of whom went and formed Nansen AI, a company focused on providing analytical data for investors in the ETH blockchain.

I’ve been an investor in the crypto space since early 2017. Alongside my connections with our clients at Rooks, Cryptio & Nansen, I know the guys at Axie Infinity (whom I introduced Nansen to and they later formed a collaboration for a short period of time). I would love to bring my expertise and connections into the space and get more deeply involved with the IDLE community.

Here’s my Linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wlamhk/


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Hey, I have moved the replies related to the Debit card into the dedicated topic, so we can continue there the discussion :slight_smile:

Let’s keep this post clean and only for applications or specific questions related to candidate’s background.
Looking forward to seing new candidates in the next days!


You can find my response to the Debit Card proposal below (on the other thread).

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any other questions!


The Pilot League applications’ window is now closed!

Congrats to anyone that applied, we are glad that many people expressed interest in Idle protocol and in this initiative. It’s also amazing to see that applicants are already providing feedback in other Forum discussions.

We can now move to the next step, the community election phase.

Project Manager Position

Project Manager candidates:

Project Manager Election (Snapshot Poll): HERE

As proposed by @unicorn here, you can vote for only one name or both profiles. We will proceed with the most voted choice.

Having 2 PMs would help increase proposals/initiatives throughput for the committee. Note that in case both PMs will be selected, the mandate Budget will be x2.

The reward for a single PM is $1000 base salary + up to 50 $IDLE of variable bonus.

We’d like to propose a unit change for rewards/budget, to better account for future protocol’s expenses. Rewards will be in IDLE tokens (from the Ecosystem Fund). We would still keep the base salary in , as proposed during the application window, and shift the bonus into an IDLE amount. This way, we would still provide a base fixed reward in while encouraging PMs commitment with ownership rights.

The Mandate Budget can be set at 2500 $IDLE for this Pilot League (or 5000 $IDLE if two PMs).

You can vote “Discuss more” if you do not agree with some of the statements mentioned above and you would like to propose another structure.

Supervisor Position

Supervisor candidates:

Supervisor Election (Snapshot Poll): HERE

For this poll, the first 4 applicants with the most votes will be selected.

Each address can only vote for one choice and it is not possible to split the voting power (this is how the current Snapshot polls work). Note that you can change your vote at any moment, therefore if the name you chose is already in the top positions, you can switch the selection and pick another preferred profile.

Both snapshots will last for 5 days, until 2021-02-10T18:00:00Z.


What is LockedIDLE I see in some votes?

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LockedIDLE is just a wrapper contract to allow seed investors and team members to vote on snapshot polls, given that IDLE are locked in vesting contracts as described here Distribution - Idle. Here you can find the LockedIDLE contract Contract Address 0xF241a0151841AE2E6ea750D50C5794b5EDC31D99 | Etherscan, we will add it to the docs too.

Note that team members can vote on snapshot polls with only 1/10th of the balance, but we never voted so far.


Pilot League Election Results

The first ever League election is complete, and we now have our Pilot League committee.

Today marks the first step towards the evolution of our Governance system, with the aim to empower its members and build more efficient processes while preserving the decentralized consensus system.

Here are the final election results:

PMs Snapshot Results | SVs Snapshot Results

Congrats to @Salome and @emixprime, you’re now PMs for our Pilot League! Together with @simoneconti @8bitporkchop @ETM612 and @Teo (on behalf of Idle Labs team), this committee is the first batch of Idle Governance’s representatives.

@Cippo and @wlamhk, thanks so much for applying – this is just the beginning of the Leagues structure in Idle, and we will definitely need more supervisors/collaborators in the future! We’d be honored to see you join and apply for one of the next iterations or any other initiatives for our community. See you in the forum, I’m sure you’d be providing great feedback and suggestions!

The Pilot League will be responsible for approving community initiatives within the League’s budget scope.

Initially, this will only include community grants and rewards, but the aim is to also include IIPs (i.e. more complex changes to the protocol) in the close future.

Now it’s PMs’ showtime. We have a few steps to take care of before start iterating with the community on priorities and operations. We’d love to see you in Idle Discord, where council members can openly debate on community topics.

The next steps we see for our Pilot League are:

  1. Set up a committee multisig wallet, where the 5000 $IDLE budget from the Ecosystem Fund will be allocated
  2. Delegation pitch to collect enough voting power (130k $IDLE) to launch the on-chain vote for the budget assignation
  3. Initiate the IIP-4 to move $IDLE to the League’s multisig wallet

Thank you very much I am excited to work with you all!

This is my address for the League multisig:



Excited about this new opportunity! Thank you.

This is my ETH address for the Committee multisig wallet: