Roadmap Update 3.0

The new mandate for Idle Leagues started a few weeks ago: now we would like to hear your feedback for the roadmap update.

As you know, Idle is a long-term project, and, at times, we need to align with the community, not only to share all the updates and progress so far but to involve you in the roadmap update process.

Although members of the Leagues have clear goals and priorities for the protocol growth, the aim of this post is to create a great way to get new ideas and insights, where the community is part of the improvement process for the current roadmap, seeing as an outcome a co-creation process for the long-term (something similar to what we did here for the last mandate).

:mag_right: What the team is working on

At the moment the team is working and focusing on these initiatives:

  • CEXs Listing
  • B2B Affiliate outreach/onboarding
  • Polygon launch
  • DAO Legal Research
  • LP Staking Programs

:loudspeaker: Give your feedback

We want to ask you regarding the current roadmap:

  • Are there new ideas or initiatives you would like to see included in the roadmap?
    (if yes, please reply to this post by explaining the motivation & opportunity for that).

Feedbacks will be collected by us and discussed during the first Idle Community Call, which will be held on 2021-09-30T16:00:00Z in the Idle discord channel community hall.

:alarm_clock: Timeline

We’ll collect all your ideas and initiatives proposals by September, Thursday 30th.


Me thinks that the path of least resistance for increased TVL at this point is adding L2s.
Polygon is a great integration.
I am not a fan of using bridges (security, point of failure, centralization…) to make Idle available on other L2, but instead, I prefer the protocol to be natively deployed (safety reasons).

There are simply too many rewards on these for an LP (and Idle) to ignore.

From a dev perspective, I would love to see Idle allocating some resources to these initiatives.