$spell from MIM3CRV perpetual tranche

I understand the amount generated from $SPELL is limited, but what’s being done with the harvested $SPELL from the MIM3CRV perpetual tranche?



Hi @millerlite1 thanks for bringing this up.
We noticed that the mim3crv tranche received some SPELL with the last harvest of 2 days ago, we will add SPELL as one of the tokens to be harvested and sold in favor of the base asset (ie mim3crv) after a threshold is reached to save some gas. Of course we will set this up from day 1 for tranches that will be deployed for after the tranche battle Tranches Battle: choose which asset integrate next


Hi - I see the $SPELL is now sold. The latest harvest comes out to around 1031DAI. Not sure what the fees are but the junior tranche should increase by at least a few hundreds since it take 90% of the yield. I invested on the junior side and noticed a very smaller change than expected to the number of MIM3CRV units. Any color to that?

Rewards sold during harvests are released linearly in 24 hours to avoid some type of attacks which could steal them. After 24 hours you will see the full reward