Treasury League – Budget Extension (M2)


Extending the budget of last mandate’s (May-Aug 2021) Treasury League to include B2B affiliation program and Leagues Jun-July 2021 compensation.


With the recent B2B affiliation program payout (5154.8 IDLE), the Treasury League budget is now at 2490.34 IDLE.

B2B rewards are part of the Ecosystem Fund, but for the sake of simplicity (execute tx without an on-chain proposal) to reward partners, the multisig would now need 4’105.7 IDLE to send out the rewards for Leagues contributors.

In this way, the Treasury League budget has been covering 1’441.2 IDLE of the B2B affiliation program, with a full deployment during the mandate. The remaining 2’664.5 IDLE will be taken out of the Ecosystem fund for the B2B affiliation program.


4’105.7 IDLE transfer will be included in the soon-to-come IIP-11, as the 10th and last remaining action.
All details and addresses will be included in the IIP-11 thread.

Next Steps

If any motion will be addressed for this proposal, the 4’105.7 IDLE transfer will be included in the IIP-11 on-chain proposal (exp. Wed 11th 2021).