What about the small guys?

It would be nice to have a calculator that included CURRENT entry and redemption cost estimates before depositing. I lost a lot testing IDLE.finance because one must have many thousands of dollars to profit.

  • Cost just to put $794 USD worth of DAI into Idle Risk-adjusted acct: 0.03908689560029 Ether = $87.05.
  • Cost to redeem deposited DAI: 0.0656 Ether = $146.
  • Input: $794 USD equivalent
  • Eth fee costs: $233 USD equivalent (overall loss)
  • Got back: $561 in USD equivalent.
    It would take years to recover these fee costs at 7% interest. Some idea of real gains should be indicated on the website before deposits.

You’re right. Ethereum blockspace at the moment is limited and highly valuable, so users with lower-value transactions are priced out.