Yearn Idle Strategies Team Formation

Hello community!

I am Emiliano. I’ve created in the Dec 2020 the Yearn Idle Strategies.

Idle generated a good yield for Yearn and many vaults benefited from it: USDC, USDT, DAI and RAI, WBTC (not active anymore). These strategies managed at peak > $200M providing a good amount of liquidity to Idle Protocol and being the enabler for Yearn users to get yield on specific assets (e.g. first vault for RAI has only Idle strategy)!

Yearn strategist group improved time by time, more people and more processes to keep everything safe and lean. Recently we introduced the concept of Strategy Committee, a group of (at least) 3 people who oversee a strategy, monitor 24/7 and maintain it, changing parameters and writing code following the respective protocols updates.

I am writing this post because I am looking for developers interested in joining the committee, the goal is to improve the current strategies and re-activate them (halted after the latest dynamic with Compound - “revert on farming”).

This is an opportunity for you for:

  • learn how to build a Yearn Strategy based on Idle Protocol and extend your competencies
  • work side by side with an amazing group of people you can work so far in DeFi which not only is at bleeding edge but also keep the industry safe helping other protocols
  • get money for it (i.e. yield profit fee sharing)

But it comes with responsibilities:

  • be accountable for the strategy together with a team
  • be available/pageable in a specific time window (e.g. your day hours)

I suggest this opportunity to any senior or junior candidate. It can be a new experience or an entry for this segment of the industry.

I’m thinking also to a League per se, which can be focused on integrations.
Anyway, this is an activity which can be (initially) supported by the Dev League too.

Looking for your feedback!


Idle’s rockstar @emilianobonassi is back!

I will propose that this initiative is part of a deeper DAO2DAO alliance with Yearn.

Some possible D2D integrations:

  • Treasury diversification
  • Incentivizing new strategies
  • An “ecosystem” stablecoin
  • Meta-Governance (via Yearn whitelisting on Paladin @Figue )
  • Use @emilianobonassi new NFT protocol to increase KPIs

Hey @emilianobonassi, the Dev League can take care of this :muscle:

Do you have any resources that we can look at to better understand what needs to be done?
I’ve found this from yearn Getting Started with Vaults and Strategies | and this is the repo that we should fork and update GitHub - emilianobonassi/yIdleStrategies: Yearn v2 Strategies for right? Do you have any recommendations?



Those are good resources to start!