Consider integrating with Anchor Protocol + UST (

I was checking out your project for investment (picked up a small bag too). Looks interesting

I am also a validator on network (no association with Terraform Labs). Terra Luna is a 7b mcap project. They have a stablecoin $UST (1.6b mcap) and a stable yield protocol (risk-free) offering 20% yield in $UST called (200m mcap with 500m+ TVL in less than a month).

in my opinion, it will be good value add to support $UST in your platform and offer the strategy of investing with for a fixed 20% yield in $UST. There are already some DeFi apps popping up & supporting this integration (mostly development in progress). Given your product offerings, 1) supporting $UST as a stablecoin & b) offering stable yield via anchor would be great value add for your project (you can obviously consider to reserve x% out of the 20% yield for the project’s expense etc)

Wasn’t sure of the best way to put this up. Noticed the forum n made an entry here. Hope you guys are ok with that.

Alright then, I will leave this in the hands of Idle community to take this further. If you need introduction to the Terra team, I can help with that as well.

Good luck


I like the idea of integrating with Terra / Anchor. I think the $IDLE project should be front and centre trying to integrate with established high yielding offering to offer the optimal one-stop shop for yield hunters.


Could be nice to offer Idle users ability to tap into UST yield. Also other stablecoins with built-in yield, like Neutrino USDN.

Looks like it would require “Bridging” option from Adding Cross Chain Integration - #3 by idal