[GUIDE] How to Structure Grants

co-authored with @Davide

In our recent post “Improving the Proposals’ Process”, we noticed how the process changed a bit in comparison to the initial Community Governance Process and we suggested some guidelines.

Today we would like to add another piece of the puzzle, to follow up the Smart Treasury initiative.

This recent discussion highlighted that when a Proposal doesn’t come with executable code, there are other steps that have to be included. In the “Team Formation” phase, developers can post their candidature for the grants, but currently, the structure is not clear.

When a Proposal is fine-tuned we expect that another post, the Grant Proposal, get published. This thread should collect applications from community developers and contributors interested in developing the proposed implementations.

Here below we suggest a possible pattern to launch a Grant Proposal (which you can find as a template in the Proposal category):

Title: [GRANT] “your title here” – include a clear and concise title, beginning with [GRANT].

  1. Abstract
    Briefly describe the Proposal and the benefits you intend to achieve with the proposed changes for Idle protocol. KISS, and understandable by non-technical community members.
  2. Scope of the Work
    Describe the technical specifications to implement the proposal. Keep it schematic and try to describe all required specs. Include sufficient details and explicit action points.
  3. Discussion Links
    Link initial post and previous discussions, Temperature Check, and any useful resource that might help understand the technical implementation (eg docs, white papers, …)
  4. Application Window
    Specify for how many days the devs application window will be open (better with a deadline in GMT time zone). We suggest that applications might be accepted for at least 3 days since the launch of the Grant. If an application is published in the last 24 hours of the window, the Grant Proposal accepts other applications for another 24 hours. This is not an iterative process but the time slot can be extended only once.
  5. Snapshot Poll
    Collect the candidatures and then launch a global poll. Leave this space blank to then edit and link the Snapshot with eligible applicants

The Grant is now ready to be launched and can accept candidatures.

To apply, candidates should provide the following information:

  • Bio & Background: Briefly introducing yourself (or the team) and past works. Applicants can remain anonymous, but past works should be mandatory to evaluate the skills of the developer.
  • Technology Specs: Specify tech & approach you will use to develop the Proposal
  • Budget: Provide a quote in $USD to deliver the Proposal
  • Timeline: Provide a roadmap/timeline for the assignment

When the open candidacy period ends, the community can discuss the applications. The final Snapshot poll shortlists the applicants and the winner is announced (a 3-day voting poll is strongly suggested).

Winners will not immediately receive the Grant, but rewards will be assigned once the proposal lands on-chain.

As always, looking forward to hearing your feedback! :mega: