Multi language website etc

Hi all,

I am almost for sure i mentioned it somewhere before a while ago.

Multi language integration.

To attract more people to IDLE, IDLE itself should also be attractive for more people to understand.
Besides easy to use guidelines, i still believe multi language can be a strong strategy to attract people.

As visible in this screenshot:

Yes, English is top language of the world.
But still for a lot more people hard to understand, or even don’t understand/speak English at all.

Mandarin/Chinese is a very strong second language.

This list is a year old:

i don’t think it would be much different from now.
As you can see India is literally (still) the most important part of the world who uses crypto the most.

Let’s not forget all those other countries who barely speak English, but can be very important for us.
France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Germany, Netherlands…
Yes, the younger generation speak and understand pretty good English, but also a lot don’t.
Don’t forget, Spanish is also a very important language.

Is this a direction the team and DAO is interested in?
If yes:

I don’t know if the website on the background is ready to integrate multiple language, otherwise (in my humble opinion) it should.

We should find people who are willing to translate things, or at least are able to check online translated text. And a double (other person) check would be nice.
(Probably more attractive with rewards.)

Would love to hear some thoughts in this, and if it’s a thing or just to early for where we are now.
I am open for further discussion.

Hey @AllinCrypto, I’ve been tinkering with the idea of multi-language communication for a while.

IMO, while the benefit is obvious (as you pointed out with the charts), what is the potential risk/cost of doing so? Here are some difficult questions we are faced when tinkering the multi-language option:

  • What languages from all the potential options to go for? While some languages are more spoken than the others, is that the geographic/linguistic area of our target audience?
  • The assumption (my personal one) is that the majority of DeFi users speak English. We have been tinkering with the idea of “opening” other markets (ex. Latin America as people there have been struggling with high inflation rates for a lot longer time than EU/USA). But the 1st step I wouldn’t say is adding the new language in our comms, but rather doing the research.
  • On which channels do you add the new language? Just the website? What about technical documentation? Socials? Which socials? Does the copy on the visuals also need to be adapted?
  • Finding the person (or a group of people) to manage those comms. Those could be community governed (as opposed to a contributor). But how to go about educating admins/moderators? How to perform a quality assurance of the answers if no other contributors speak that language. We are also using some internal tools to coordinate around the releases and to create visuals. Does that mean that the person would need the access to those? That provides sort of a security gap.
  • Extra X hours from the contributor to manage and coordinate all those people working on different languages, and those hours could be spent on different activities. So what’s the opportunity cost?

From my experience, at this time the resources can be invested in a better way i.e. into activities with better ROI in terms of marketing/communication. But the idea is solid and definitely something to be kept in mind for the future, as it can provide value, there’s no doubt about that. But as I said, from my marketing experience, at this stage, it would be more of a liability than a benefit.


Hi @DenisDevcic ,
Thanks for your reply.

All good questions and thoughts.

I literally don’t know, if Latin American etc. already have good Defi/DAO’s who looks pretty much like IDLE or that it would be pretty or totally new.
If that’s the case (new), i don’t think waiting to long is good… being one of the first can be very interesting.
But yes, it needs research and good people who speak the language and English both to communicate about the needs.

For a start it won’t be necessary to translate all, but mostly the most important things and strategies.

Security issue is literally a thing yes.
Therefore it should always be managed by a team member or someone who is trusted enough.
I think there can be multiple ways to get it done safely, but not sure.

We had a TG chat for a while (not many users) who was Chinese… it could have been a good small start.
Those communities can literally help others, the thing is… it’s hard to control and see if all is going as it should.

Maybe the question is, how fast can IDLE grow at this moment? And what is indeed realistic for now.
But on the other hand, if it’s something we want for the future, won’t it be to late by that time?