[DELEGATION PITCH] AllinCrypto - IDLE Factory


Hello peeps,

Since early 2021 a active community member and investor in IDLE and since 2015 active in Crypto.

The most know me as admin from the " IDLE DAO Cafe " , that is now become “IDLE Factory”.

Before IDLE i was a active member or admin of other crypto related communities.
Also had a pretty big forum in the past.

Running communities is something i like to do, therefore i have enough time during my daily life/job.


The growth of IDLE is important for the future of IDLE.
Having a community is always important for growth.
As community member i always look to ways how we can make a stronger community with a healthy growth.

As community members we should hear out loud our voices, therefore in the ( IDLE Factory ) i will discuss most of the polls and listen to the community there opinion before voting.

With me as your delegate , you will be heard!

Delegate Address: