[Delegation Pitch] Asaf Silman

Asaf Silman Delegation Pitch

  • Introduction:
    Hi everyone my name is Asaf :wave: , I have a background is in software engineering, and recently completed my Masters Degree. I’ve been following the cryptocurrency world now for around 7 years. I’ve been a member of idle since V2, and love the project.

  • Past works:
    My past work for the idle protocol includes creating the IDLE community dashboard on Dune Analytics: Link. And my work on the idle smart treasury GitHub - asafsilman/idle-smart-treasury.

  • Motivation:
    My motivation for requesting delegation is primarily to create on-chain votes

  • Delegate Address: 0x143daa7080f05557C510Be288D6491BC1bAc9958

  • References/Links:

  1. Dune Analytics
  2. GitHub - asafsilman/idle-smart-treasury
    2a. [IIP-2] - Add a Smart Treasury to IDLE
  3. https://twitter.com/AsafSilman

You have my votes sir. May you use them wisely :wink: