[Delegation Pitch] IdleHusbandry

IdleHusbandry Delegation Pitch


Learned about IDLE Finance 2 months ago or so. I still remember the day… what a glorious day… USDT was yielding about 40% that day… That’s when I fell in love with IDLE…

Since then yields have obviously decreased, however, my conviction in IDLE has only increased, and I have since spot bought multiple times on Uni/Sushi, and never sold since. My goal is to own over 130K IDLE (1% of final supply) one day. (You can verify my activity on-chain in the ETH address below).

Past works:

So far I’ve only posted on the forums. In my real work identity, I am a senior engineer at a FANG. Looking to make my way out of my 9-5 role to go full time anonymously into crypto.


I will be your ultimate IDLE HODL guide, dedicating large sums of my own money to market buy this asset, shepherding the IDLE holders’ value throughout bull and bear market, and hopefully, one day, to be able to work on IDLE full time.

Delegate your vote to me and I promise to use this power only to make us all #MoonTogether.

I will be the jester speaking the uncomfortable truths, I will be the ape longing when all seems doomed, I will be the champion of all IDLE longers and farmers.

Delegate Address: