DYDX Airdrop for Idle?

With Idle Finance being an LPs at certain points in time for dYdX, is there an airdrop claimable by the foundation?

How will this be able to be rewarded to Idle Finance LPs or IDLE token holders? Is this something that will be possible? Would love to see if the community can be rewarded for helping to provide liquidity to their ecosystem.

For more information: Retroactive Mining Rewards - dYdX


That’s a good point @ansteadm!

Past dYdX users who have traded on dYdX protocols (perpetual, margin, spot) on Layer 2 or Layer 1 or deposited funds into dYdX’s borrow / supply pools are eligible to receive DYDX through retroactive rewards.

According to this piece, Idle protocol is eligible to receive such rewards.

To claim the full allocation of DYDX tokens, users must meet their specific target volume tier trading perpetuals on the dYdX Layer 2 Protocol

Idle protocol does not trade perpetuals and does not support that L2. Unfortunately, this means that the Governance can not claim the rewards.

In line with restrictions on the availability of DYDX and the dYdX Layer 2 Protocol in the United States, retroactive mining is not available to users who are residents of, or incorporated or headquartered in, the United States or any other prohibited jurisdiction.

Lastly, this paragraph definitely blocks any chance. The DAO is not incorporated and Idle Labs is incorporated in the US (by the way it can not complete the KYC on behalf of the gov).

Happy to hear smart solutions that could overcome the mentioned problems :bulb:


Can we calculate how much money there is to capture from this, and if it’s worth it build a smart contract to go and grab it? I don’t think they’re doing anything sophisticated to block US users. Just block IP in the webapp as CYA. If rewards look worth it we could put together a hack to execute the L2 requirements safely in an ROI positive way for the DAO.

Not sure how we could check actually or if contracts are supported in general, here dYdX in order to show how much you accrued you need to sign few messages to create the account on their side. These are the address that are in use for interacting with DyDx yxToken (DyDx tokenization) - Idle

Asked DyDx team about this and only EOA can claim the retroactive distribution, so no rewards for contracts