Refunds for Advanced Expenses (M1)

:loudspeaker: The Pilot League is going to refund people who have spent money to help in the various operations carried out in recent months :handshake:

During the work done to continue developing the ecosystem and the improvement of the Idle protocol, some people anticipated with their own money some operational costs, such as the executions of IIPs; here is a detailed table :arrow_down:

Action Contract Sender Link Tx Fee in ETH
Deploy SmartTreasuryBootstrap - 8bitporkchop tx 0.23262057
Deploy FeeCollector - 8bitporkchop tx 0.21096691
Propose IIP-2 Phase 1 Idle Governor 8bitporkchop tx 0.147218782
Queue IIP-2 Phase 1 Idle Governor Idle Labs, Inc tx 0.099867126
Execute IIP-2 Phase 1 Timelock 8bitporkchop tx 0.101991928
Propose IIP-2 Phase 2 Idle Governor 8bitporkchop tx 0.140209534
Execute IIP-2 Phase 2 Timelock 8bitporkchop tx 0.067771045
Queue IIP-4 Idle Governor Idle Labs, Inc tx 0.074442030
Propose IIP-5 (Out of Gas) Idle Governor 8bitporkchop tx 0.377
Propose IIP-5 Idle Governor 8bitporkchop tx 0.46404007
Queue IIP-5 Idle Governor Idle Labs, Inc tx 0.065756745
ETH Transfer - 8bitporkchop tx 0.002604

Total ETH to refund: 1.98448874

Discussion links about these anticipated expenses:

:mag_right: If you notice that we have forgotten any of you, please write a comment below with the link to the forum thread where there is a reference to this anticipated expense.


Hi Emiliano,

Here are my expenses for IIP-6 to add to this list.

Action Contract Link Tx Fee [ETH]
Deploy Tokeniser Tokenizer tx 0.1376413
Deploy Geyser Geyser tx 0.31760999
Set Geyser for Tokeniser Tokenizer tx 0.00272096
Transfer Tokeniser to Multisig Tokenizer tx 0.00146926
Transfer Geyser to Multisig Geyser tx 0.00146814
Test Wrap and Stake Geyser tx 0.02516613
Test Unstake and Unwrap Geyser tx 0.0168639

Total: 0.50293967 ETH

Ref: [IIP-6] - LP staking fund transfer + Treasury transfer for protocol operations


Thank you, @emixprime, for setting up this expenses report!

We would like to forego the reimbursements for Idle Labs and forward those funds to the Idle Rebalancer contract, also to bring the operational sustainability topic to community attention.

The Rebalancer is a core mechanism of the Idle protocol: thanks to its allocations and rebalances, this mechanism provides competitive returns and yield optimization.

The current 5% of the fees collected by the FeeCollector is not enough to sustain its activities, therefore the Governance should structure a discussion around it to guarantee the financial sustainability of core contracts. We’ll provide a more detailed analysis of it in the next weeks.



I also want to forego my reimbursement and forward this to the Idle Rebalancer contract.

Action Contract Link Tx Fee in ETH
Execute IIP-6 Idle Governor tx 0.01920421

The Pilot League can now proceed with the payouts :grin:


Payouts sent :rocket:

  • [Tx] - 8bitporkchop reimbursements
  • [Tx] - Idle Labs + emixprime reimbursements (forwarded to the Idle Rebalancer)