[GRANT] Idle Ambassador Program


Communication and Marketing League


We are excited to announce our new marketing incentive: The Ambassador Program!

The program addresses the already active participating members of the Idle community to include them as contributors to the Idle Communication and Marketing League. The initiative has the objective to strength Idle communication and bring the community closer to the decision making process. It has also room to grow by regularly onboarding aspiring new members and by expanding on the list of perks.

The ambassador strategy will be supervised directly by the Idle Communication & Marketing League members. They will coordinate the ambassador’s work providing guidelines, advice and education. This initiative is intended to build an infrastructure to gather feedback from the loyal Idle DAO supporters, making the process of improvements implementation faster and more interactive. The ambassadors will be the official representatives of each new project and will be considered as the official speakers of it.

Each ambassador will get exclusive perks such as NFTs, “behind the curtains” access to the internal workings of the team, and direct communication with the team


The idea of the ambassador program is to help increase the audience of Idle’s communications and to provide the incentive and the infrastructure in growing the brand awareness. Ambassadors are the early adopters who understand the potential of Idle’s superior rebalancing mechanism.

From the very beginning, some IDLE supporters have established their names as a trustable source of tips and guidelines, helping actively to shape Idle decisions. The ambassadors will have a deep connection with Idle Finance, sharing its passion and goal to see it thrive in the blockchain market. The ambassadors will be selected based on both their expertise and experiences. Ability to work in a team environment is essential. Each member’s contribution will be taken into account when considering rewards.

Overall skills of an ambassador:

  • Field education
  • Community management
  • Coordinate as a team on social sentiment/engagement
  • Leading viral promotion/marketing & utilizing network effects

Areas of responsibilities*

*It’s not obligatory to fulfill all the areas of responsibilities simultaneously.

  • Provide input/feedback/strategy to the Leagues, with the goal of growing and strengthening the Idle ecosystem.
  • Help encourage the community to participate in conversations, create content and get Idle featured on all the available channels (Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Youtube, websites, podcasts).
    • Ex. Notify the community of the latest tweets to engage with.
  • Reach out to other DAO-s and people of interest by using Idle approved templates to arrange both B2B & marketing cooperation and partnerships (and bring the terms of those proposals to Idle Leagues members to finalize the deal).
    • Ex. Proposals of marketing collaborations, AMA-s
  • Manage the community and connect to the unofficial community channels.
    • Hands on approach on the main communication channels (ex. Proposing Twitter campaigns).
    • Manage unofficial channels by having 1-2 tweets posted per day.
    • Help the team prepare the official publications releases (Discord, Twitter, Telegram) to have them ready just-in-time.
    • Kickstarting public conversations if it brings benefits to the image of Idle to the community.
    • Ability to post links and moderate both Telegram groups (official and Cafe).
    • Support the team and help answer questions of the community.
  • Help the Leagues create high quality, informational & educational content (including pictures, stickers, memes, GIFs).
  • Propose marketing grants for acquisition of new users & followers via social media.
  • Collect the feedback from the community, curate it and take it to the Leagues.
  • Encourage ambassadors to grow their own personal Twitter accounts to increase credibility and strengthen their connection/association with Idle.
  • Monthly calls with the C&M League and cooperation with the other Leagues.


  • Price speculation talk - Even though the token price is a big driver for some users, we are opting towards avoiding price speculation as the focus is technology and long-term, healthy protocol and community growth.
  • Quality control & Tone of voice - Leagues have a final say in the way of communication of Idle ambassadors - If a certain way of communication is not preferred, that will be communicated to the ambassadors, and the communication adjusted accordingly.
  • Based on the growth of the Idle ecosystem, the C&M League will consider rewards for the ambassadors as the mandate comes to an end.

Exclusive perks:

  • Direct communication with the Leagues, and helping the protocol grow, as honorary team members. Access to work documents, drafts and other content being worked on by the team, not yet available to the public.
  • Affiliate/referral bonus (in which ambassadors who bring people on-board get a portion of Idle fees generated from the TVL of the entity on-boarded by the ambassador).
    → Process for ambassadors to participate in the affiliate program:
  1. Ambassador sends the Idle team his wallet address to be whitelisted (to be eligible for the referral bonus).
  2. Ambassadors get a link that can be shared with possible partners (DAO-s, individuals etc.); The link is created by the Idle team.
  3. Ambassadors get a share of fees based on the affiliated TVL - Managed by the Treasury League on a monthly basis.
  • Ambassador NFT-s based on their “seniority level”
    • Level 1 (Congrats! 1st mandate): Exclusive “Idle Robot Pet” NFT
    • Level 2 (Re-elected for the 1st time; 2nd mandate): Exclusive “Idle Robot Key” NFT
    • Level 3 (Re-elected for the 2nd time; 3rd mandate): Exclusive “Congrats, it’s an Idle baby robot!” NFT + Granted paid access to real world events (Meetings, conferences, hackathons etc. Up to 8 events per year.)
    • Level 4 (Re-elected for the 3rd time; 4th mandate): Exclusive “Yield Robot Factory” NFT


Starting ambassadors:





New ambassadors

Mandate of each ambassador is 3 months. They can be re-elected after that period.

Add up to 2 new ambassadors per month based on the participation of community members - selected by the Idle Leagues (helped by the existing brand ambassadors).

Next Steps

The discussion will be open for 3 days (2021-09-13T21:00:00Z2021-09-16T21:00:00Z) in order to collect community feedback and suggestions. After which, the program will start to be in effect (with the newly added suggestions, if any).


An excellent read.

Love the idea and vision, very well put together @DenisDevcic
A massive congratulations to the first 4 names on the list. Well done everyone.

Grateful to be here among an incredible group of people
Excited to be part of the movement.

Time to build


Nice thread @DenisDevcic

Keen to see this program formalise and as a long term supporter of Idle I’m keen to play my part in continuing to build exposure for Idle and the tech that is being built.

Looking forward to being a more formal part of the journey :muscle:


Excellent work @DenisDevcic :raised_hands:

This is a great initiative that was clearly born out of the need to give value and an outline to the work of the most active members who have been pushing, internally and externally, Idle for months :rocket:

Excited to see all of these members at work! (even though we’ve already had proof of their constancy :sunglasses:)


Congrats guys, you deserve it! :clap:

Happy to see this program rewarding top contributors and motivating members to become actively part of the ecosystem :muscle:


Sorry for the late reply.
Already shared my opinion somewhere else with @DenisDevcic and how i am into it.

Very strong proposal, i like it!

I hope we can soon attract more people to step in, in benefit of $idle to see a healthy but strong growth of the community.


Great write up @DenisDevcic !

I am sure the Ambassador program will be a success, looking forward to seeing this in action :fire:

And congrats to all of you guys! You have proven yourself over time with your constant support for Idle and its community :family_man_woman_girl_boy: :heart:


Brand ambassador program update

The C&M League has been monitoring the engagement and contribution of the brand ambassadors for 6 weeks. Overall we are happy with the 3 ambassadors (@Coinballers, @JonnyReid, @AllinCrypto) and their contribution to the growth of Idle and their efforts in building the community. As such, they’ll remain in those roles.

We have tried several approaches and structures of the tasks, and have found out what works and doesn’t work. And as result of that, the C&M League is taking a more hands-on approach in regards to certain activites such as content/social media production. The examples of these would be marketing engagements and partnerships, Twitter megathreads etc.