Idle and mobile app(s)

I’d like to follow up on the topic that was touched already in Making idleTokens available on mobile apps and Idle debit card & app, which is Idle for mobile users. The first proposal is talking of integrating Idle into exiting apps, like wallets; the second - about developing a new Idle app (among other things).

To me the idea of integrating into existing wallets as a “Savings” feature is quite straightforward and easy to understand. But the idea of creating a specific Idle app could use some discussion.

What kind of features would you find useful in Idle’s own mobile app? What benefits will it deliver to protocol users? to DAO? What could a minimum viable product look like that would be worth funding?


For the savings section in different apps/wallets, I think the team is already in talks with several players, so it will just be a matter of time before they start implementing “Savings/Earn” section powered by IDLE in their apps.

At least that’s what I understood from one of the other posts. I think it’s just a matter of setting up a good B2B referral system, which is on the roadmap and coming soon.

As for for app, I think we should make it as clean and simple as possible. Just like the website. Maybe keep it with 3 sections upon app login

  1. Invest
  2. Stake (which also includes referral section): Easily get referral code and easily keep track of staking and referral rewards.
  3. Tools (which also includes voting notifications as well as access to gov forum)

Many users (including myself) enjoy doing everything from mobile device. It would make it a lot more compelling for community. Something about a platform having a mobile app makes it look more official.

Maybe team or someone from community can spend a couple hours designing some wireframes or slides of what it can potentially look like. (even tho app is not priority at this time)

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Well, of those three things you listed, “Invest” is not really a thing with current Idle, same for “Stake” and referrals. This leaves governance “Tools”, which is quite niche and can’t attract new protocol users.

Looks like focus should be on integration into existing wallets instead of own app, since:

  1. The idea doesn’t have much traction in this forum
  2. Development can become quite complex as soon as we get into interactions with blockchain (basically turns into wallet development)
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I figured if we were going to do an app, it wouldn’t get started on until we got most of those roadmap milestones completed, which is why I stated those things, because it would likely be doable by then.

  1. An invest section where users easily select which strategy they want and deposit with ease.

  2. A “staking” and “community referral” section. Since B2B is the key focus right now, by the time the roadmap is complete, the “community referral system” should be in place after that. This would also be optimal time to release the app as well. So community can easily send referral links to friends with mobile devices or telegram etc. It would create an extra boost of user growth upon app release.

Like I said tho, we should wait until we build out all the key things on roadmap before building this out. That way we can create a full and pleasurable mobile experience with tons of utility that’s easily accessible. The team is very good at making things clean and easy to use, so Im sure the app will be killer (whenever that time comes)

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