Idle.Finance now support on

Hello Idle Fam!

I wanted to share that Idle Finance is now live as a supported governance on

You can explore the Idle governance ecosystem. Signup to receive email notifications of proposals, and create a profile for helping folks Delegate to you.

We’ve also made it easy to create proposals directly from the interface, and manage them once created via an Administration Panel right on the governance page, so it makes it easy to Queue, Execute and Cancel eligible proposals.

Really looking forward to hear feedback, we’re iterating quickly so please let us know if something is off or could be better. Looking forward to serving the Idle community and ecosystem!


Can’t wait to give it a try brother!
It’s looking awesome so far!

Question: can i vote directly from your page?
Snapvote website has given me troubles when I am using a week internet connection so I am hoping to replace it.

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Oh, wow, just when I was going to propose integration :laughing: :+1:

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