Idle Finance on TikTok

Hey everyone! I made a little video on TikTok referencing Idle Finance.

Feel free to check it out and show your support (like, comment, follow, etc.)! Enjoy.

I’ll share a follow up tweet for you later as well: TikTok


Aaaaand the tweet!

Look forward to ways we can collaborate in the future :). Appreciate the support!


This is the kind of vids we need more.
TikTok is still a pretty new media thing that grows a lot lately. $IDLE should anticipate on that!

@ansteadm , would you like to make some more vids with idle in the lead?
For example some small vids with explanation about.
-#DeFi > $IDLE
-$IDLE And its TVL compared to MC.
-$IDLE and Staking.
Would love to see those, cause you have a friendly altitude and voice in your vids… your absolutely a good pick for this.

@JonnyReid , any ideas, this can be a strong one with some hype.

I’m happy to do some educational content, but we are not focused on just one project. We aim to be agnostic by bringing quality educational content about Ethereum (for free).

If I talked about anything specifically about Idle, it would be specifically about the product they built, nothing else about staking IDLE (unless it’s used as a backstop for example). Not a big fan of talking about Pool 2 or Pool 1 in general.

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