Announcements & Roadmap

IDLE = A DAO , where the community is also important for growth.

I would love to see a way better structure if it’s about communication to the community.
At this moment it feels like the community must ask constantly questions about what’s going on?!

I think at this point i would love to see announcements of what’s going on. Setting goals, so it’s clear for everyone what’s going on.

Some examples:

New topic, started 5 September 2022.

M4 Announcement
We are happy to inform you that M4 will be posted on 1 October 2022.

New topic, started 15 August 2022.

New IDLE Finance APP Announcement
We are happy to inform you that the new App is on it’s way. Current expecting launch date is set for 15 October 2022.

New topic, started 22 September 2022.

IDLE Governance mining reward September 2022
Today the rewards of August are distributed, so the new 30 days round is started. Next reward moment expecting 22 October 2022.


This are all examples where the team itself sets goals for themselves but also the community know better what to expect.
Call them , Announcements of a Announcement.
If there is any reason why a goal can’t be reached, just easily post a small update with a new date.
So the community is informed and don’t need to ask questions all the time.

Above comes together with a…

Roadmap Is a thing in the IDLE that needs way more better updated and handled with goals and set dates.
Everyone should be motivated to reach those goals. If, for some reason the goals can’t be reached, just inform the community then and update the Roadmap!
Can’t be that hard!

For me transparency is very important, i believe that it is for the most community members. Like this it would give a way much better feeling about the future of IDLE, cos it will be way much more clear what’s going on, on the background.

All Above doesn’t cost much time, and therefore there are people hired to inform the community. Use this!

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hey, you can take a look here for M4 goals and here for the roadmap (live, public, and updated from time to time since Nov 2021)

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