Governance Mining #3 - August/September 2022 DAO Rewards

We’re excited to announce the rewards for the most active DAO members of the last 30 days! :raised_hands: :rocket:

Top 5 Addresses on Idle Finance Karma Dashboard (30 days filter)

  1. 0x9c39a2e1e124bda611321494ec99cc8c01e0731d
  2. 0x50da03c08b3269aa2b47a0b8be03dbcea4cb3990
  3. 0xd08b7e82942fac71d96fecaa99ed7323a95d9a79
  4. 0x6f85d3cb1990cecae9f91c164e7a851937969314
  5. 0x578768d2c7c5beb60cccfc148a563c8378e281ec (xkira.eth)

Karma Score Reputation

  • 0x9c39a2e1e124bda611321494ec99cc8c01e0731d = 750 score
  • 0x50da03c08b3269aa2b47a0b8be03dbcea4cb3990 = 618 score
  • 0xd08b7e82942fac71d96fecaa99ed7323a95d9a79 = 250 score
  • 0x6f85d3cb1990cecae9f91c164e7a851937969314 = 150 score
  • 0x578768d2c7c5beb60cccfc148a563c8378e281ec (xkira.eth) = 51 score

Rewards (total budget 2k IDLE to distribute)

Here’s the [transaction]:

  • 825 IDLE to 0x9c39a2e1e124bda611321494ec99cc8c01e0731d
  • 679 IDLE to 0x50da03c08b3269aa2b47a0b8be03dbcea4cb3990
  • 275 IDLE to 0xd08b7e82942fac71d96fecaa99ed7323a95d9a79
  • 165 IDLE to 0x6f85d3cb1990cecae9f91c164e7a851937969314
  • 56 IDLE to 0x578768d2c7c5beb60cccfc148a563c8378e281ec (xkira.eth)


Hopefully the reward distribution isn’t spread immediately. :see_no_evil:

There should be a cool down moment so people can check if there wasn’t made a mistake in the calculations.

First, very good you look at cheating etc. :muscle:t3:

But further, i thought that every poll was calculated one time, and people weren’t able to get a double score for a IIP (on chain vote / off chain for stakers). Those who voted on chain and off chain for the same poll, are getting a higher score now. Instead of calculated as one vote.

If i look to myself, i didn’t missed any snapshot or on chain vote. But for having no staked idle, i won’t be able to get a 100% off chain vote score. But i did vote for the same poll on chain.

After IIP-24

We had:

Voting framework for stkIDLE holders v2
Clearpool PYTs as a new yield source for BY


And forum score.

So people should only be able to score:
100% voted on all 4
75% voted on 3
50% voted on 2
25% voted on 1

So if i am not mistaking, according rules…
100% voted on chain (2 polls) = 5 x 100(%) 500 score
-side note for stakers on snapshot.
100% voted off chain (2 polls) = 3 x 100(%) 300 score
Max score 800 this round + forum score.

Those who missed polls
On chain -minus 250 each poll
Off chain minus 150 each poll
Of the total of 800 (exclusief forum score)

August rewards just transferred!

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Hopefully some answers before next reward.

So far, Karma counted the stkIDLE snapshot page ad off-chain score to calculate, which is correct except for the polls that were IIPs.

In this case, Karma calculated the score in this way:
:yellow_circle: = Off-chain poll
:large_blue_circle: = On-chain poll

Polls from August 22nd till September 28th

:yellow_circle: on-chain IIP-26 (via stkIDLE)
:large_blue_circle: on-chain IIP-26
:yellow_circle: on-chain IIP-25 (via stkIDLE)
:large_blue_circle: on-chain IIP-25

:yellow_circle: off-chain Clearpool (via stkIDLE)
:yellow_circle: off-chain Clearpool

:yellow_circle: off-chain Voting framework (via stkIDLE)
:yellow_circle: off-chain Voting framework

For a total of: 6 off-chain proposals (stkIDLE + IDLE polls) & 2 on-chain proposals (IDLE)

In your specific case @AllinCrypto , your off-chain score was calculated “half” since you voted on IDLE snapshot only, while Karma considers off-chain stkIDLE + IDLE polls. So your score is:

In total, 6 proposals, 2 votes :arrow_right: (2/ (3+3)*100) = 33%

In total, 2 proposals, 2 votes :arrow_right: (2/2)*100 = 100%

(333) + (1005) + 19 (forum score) = 618

Improvements and next steps

I’ve spoken with @mmurthy about this issue of counting “double” the snapshots, and also about the feature that we’d like to have which is to consider the IIPs in the stkIDLE snapshot as if they were on-chain voting.

Since this fix is not easy and straightforward, requires dedicated time and effort, which is why I think the Karma team will show up to ask a grant to continue working on this & on future features.

I know this was the story, explained it myself in the reply and also to @mmurthy :wink:

In the mining rewards for July and before, this double calculations where recalculated before spreading rewards, why didn’t this happened this month?

It wasn’t only for my the scores where different this time cos of double calculations, but for everyone who didn’t vote both on and off chain.
Basically your saying, the rewards weren’t fair spread this month cos of the double calculations?!
How come the rewards are send out eventually?
Cos i informed you guys right away of this mistake.
Aren’t we here to help each other if things like this happening?
I assume we al want a fair play in such program as this?!
I also assume you won’t compensate anyone cos of this mistake, cos multiple people would have a higher reward without the double calculations…

How to continue?

Besides of the things that where going wrong this time.
There are multiple things.

In 10 days the next reward is already around the corner?!

And this time the Karma dashboard is also calculate different, it seems that (except for one)…

… He counts every off chain vote as 1 point, except for the one on top (red circle).


I know this is already discussed a while ago, but still didn’t see any grant request. :sweat_smile:
Ofcourse it’s normal that if things need to change for idle specifically, you ask for a grant.

In my humble opinion, Karma should be eventually a payed product, and it probably will.

I think that there is no guarantee that things that will be changed for idle, won’t be implemented in the rest of the system for other karma users. But at this moment, i don’t care, we should have a good working system of we want to continue with karma.

@emixprime , how sure are you this 30 day reward will be spread… in let’s say… the next 12 months?

I think things depending on that…
Continue with or without Karma ?

No, before there was no double calculation, at least for the overall score that was shown for the 30 days period (that’s why I never raised questions to Karma about this).

No, I’m not saying this. The aim was to report what before wasn’t noticed from my side, in order to give transparency if someone could see “double” points related to the same address.

I think that is fair to calculate double points if someone is voting not only on stkIDLE snapshot but also on IDLE snapshot since this user is doing an additional activity.

Currently, the only way to do this is to calculate “off-chain” activity as stkIDLE polls + IDLE polls.

This screenshot was taken by adding the 30days filter?
Btw the calculation is not computed by adding 1 point since is a percentage (in my previous reply I wrote the current formula to calculate it)

After discussing internally with the other contributors, the plan is to continue the initiative till the end of the year, after that we’ll share some metrics and, based on these, a decision on the next steps.

First of all @emixprime , thanks for the answers.

In this situation i see it as one poll , the snapshots is only created so the Stake hodler can also vote with his IDLE , cos he can’t vote on-Chain.
I can’t see this as extra , other then a necessarily one.

I need to know, before the next on-chain poll, will you continue calculate the same?
Cos if that’s the story, i should put up a few idle for staking as long as this initiative last.
And with a few, i mean… literally a few, cos that’s enough to get a 100% score.

But, IMO , that shouldn’t be the way.
One poll, 1 (same) score for everyone.

Yes, there was a bug in the system at the moment more then a week. It’s resolved now.

Good to know, thnx.
What to expect?

Are we going to see a rewards for…
September (like now)
Oktober (End November)
November (End December)
And December (End January)

Will those 4 months be $2000 IDLE each, or still depending on token price that time?

Hopefully you are able to continue spreading rewards around same dates. Cos at the beginning at started around the 22/23 of the next month.

Yes, but at the same time, stkIDLE holders are voting off-chain, the same polls published for IDLE holders

What I wrote above is the “extra”: if someone is voting on IDLE and wants to show up also as stkIDLE voter, they can do that, and the result for the DAO will be to have more voters on both the snapshots pages.
That’s why could be fair this “double” (let’s say) calculation.

Correct. At this moment, we took more days (and I didn’t write anything about Sept rewards) since we were discussing internally to be aligned on the next steps for that initiative.

The same amount since market conditions are still the same, we didn’t see a “drastic” change from the previous rewards.

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@emixprime , thanks for the explanations again.
Can’t say i am fully agree with everything, but it is what it is. :wink:

Ready for September distribution :hugs:

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