Governance Mining #6 - November/December 2022 DAO Rewards

We’re excited to announce the rewards for the most active DAO members of the last 30 days! :raised_hands: :rocket:

Reward Adjustment

As announced in the last rewards post, we’ll distribute 2400 IDLE again, this time to 5 addresses (since for these 30 days there weren’t listed more than 5 addresses with a >0 score).

Top 5 Addresses on Idle Finance Karma Dashboard (30 days filter, November/December)

  1. 0x50da03c08b3269aa2b47a0b8be03dbcea4cb3990
  2. 0xdef9b06461329a6f808f696351f796778d11200b
  3. 0x9c39a2e1e124bda611321494ec99cc8c01e0731d
  4. 0x77420e96f0e5f1dcfa8fcdd6ba6a3a9d3ad0c6c4
  5. 0x1d57e312ae3723cc081a3b73f6ccf59ca3cf77b5

Karma Score Reputation (November/December)

  • 0x50da03c08b3269aa2b47a0b8be03dbcea4cb3990 = 305 score
  • 0xdef9b06461329a6f808f696351f796778d11200b = 301 score
  • 0x9c39a2e1e124bda611321494ec99cc8c01e0731d = 201 score
  • 0x77420e96f0e5f1dcfa8fcdd6ba6a3a9d3ad0c6c4 = 99 score
  • 0x1d57e312ae3723cc081a3b73f6ccf59ca3cf77b5 = 99 score

Rewards (total budget 2400 IDLE to distribute)

Here’s the [transaction]:

  • 728 IDLE to 0x50da03c08b3269aa2b47a0b8be03dbcea4cb3990
  • 719 IDLE to 0xdef9b06461329a6f808f696351f796778d11200b
  • 480 IDLE to 0x9c39a2e1e124bda611321494ec99cc8c01e0731d
  • 236.5 IDLE to 0x77420e96f0e5f1dcfa8fcdd6ba6a3a9d3ad0c6c4
  • 236.5 IDLE to 0x1d57e312ae3723cc081a3b73f6ccf59ca3cf77b5



Congratulations to all the winners again, and as community member, happy to see you guys are still here with me :muscle:t3:

This month was a bit more disappointed again in voting activity again.
Hopefully we can turn this tide sooner than later.

@emixprime , is this the last distribution reward before discussion about… if the “Governance mining program” can or will continue (like this)?

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Thanks IDLE team!
Wish you all the best for 2023.


Happy 2023 :tada:

November rewards just shared :boom:


hey @AllinCrypto, this month Leagues will share some analysis about the effectiveness of the last 6 months of the program – I’d say that we will extend it for Jan 2023, and, depending on the results/discussion of the analysis, decide if it will continue from Feb onwards.